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Skunkworx ↠ X?


Skunkworx Origins

The slang term, "skunkworks" originates from a highly secretive and innovative project developed by Lockheed Martin, an aerospace company, during World War II. It was a small, independent team formed to work on advanced and unconventional aircraft designs. The projects conducted by Skunkworks, such as the iconic Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird, pushed the boundaries of technological advancements in aviation. Over time, the term "skunkworks" has come to represent any secretive and autonomous team that focuses on breakthrough innovation and unconventional problem-solving.


The Assignment

The Skunkworx sub-brand from Moonchild was created as an outlet for exploring new shapes outside of the traditional and mass markets with the aim of enhancing the overall snowboarding experience. Our vision at Skunkworx is to develop and introduce truly unique products that benefit not only those who ride Moonchild but the entire industry ("competitors" included) for years and decades to come.

Working closely with some SpaceX engineers perfectly aligns with our mission.


Mystery X

As a symbol of our commitment to the mission of experimentation, our snowboards bear no brand name or logo. Instead, they proudly feature the powerful, fierce, and mysterious symbol of X. Such abstract branding ensures that only the informed will recognize and appreciate the Skunkworx project. This approach adds an element of limitless possibility and creativity to the riding experience, making each rider an off-the-books ambassador of our relentless pursuit of the perfect ride in pow.


Our Story

Built for You

Lastly, to maintain the authenticity of the Skunkworx mission, we intentionally keep the dimensions and other specifications for our snowboards hidden from the general public. Instead, each model is customized to the individual buyer. Once we receive your height, weight, boot size and more, the dimensions and flex of your board will be customized specifically to you. Only after this personalized customization process is complete, will you receive the specifications for your unique board, ensuring that it is tailored perfectly to your snowboarding needs.

All snowboards are designed by Jure and handbuilt by Moonchild Snowboard's craftsman Hugo Cacola

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